23 Oct

From Earth: Prototype A

logo_from earth_BW


“Working with the notions of narrative and game, a context is laid of linearity, rules, permissions and choices of engagement. The viewer/ participant/ reader should be place in a position of choice throughout.”

A symbol based on electrical earthing. Arrowed for direction. Enveloped for context.

08 Jan

Dissent and Dogma

Dissent is predatory. It seeks out and hunts down dogma. Initially tentative, it looks for weak links,  scavenging it’s way through the paradigm pack. But as it gets bolder, it becomes capable of bringing down even the biggest of the preconceptions, slicing through thick skin and armoured habit with a purpose that will not be denied.

Absolute values
Fixed views
Entrenched perspectives
Untested facts
Enforced decisions

It’s all prey.

03 Nov

Chapel of Dissent


Recently, I discovered that my studio was once a Victorian Chapel of Dissent. Finding this too good to be true, I am now reforming CAS into an artists Chapel of Dissent. Our collective is placing human value at the heart of our activities and exploring Dissent in all its aspects.


Primarily, I see it as a positive movement, a proactive disagreement, and a non-acceptance of what is seen, felt or experienced to be wrong. We are currently writing our own manifesto, that aims to challenge control, rigid thinking and to promote choice. Through our Dissent, we intend to grow a better sense of cultural and social well-being amongst the communities we work within.