Night Of The Living Dredd


On World Book Night 2013, Chapel Arts Studios hosted a double whammy of sci-fi action. For the first time, a graphic novel  made it’s way on to the prestigious list of selected books, and CAS was very happy to be registered givers of John Wagner’s classic Judge Dredd story “The Dark Judges”

About the book… Judge Dredd: The Dark Judges

“They came from Deadworld – twisted, ungodly versions of Judges with enough power to destroy the world! Led by the cadaverous super-fiend Judge Death, Judges Fear, Fire & Mortis share a chilling ethos – as only the living can break the law, all life is a crime! The fearsome foursome are intent on bringing their brand of justice to Mega-City One. Only Judge Dredd and Psi-Division’s finest telepath Cassandra Anderson can stop them from committing a Mega-City massacre!”

What author John Wagner thinks about World Book Night:

Over the years no medium has so consistently provided me with as much understanding, enlightenment and all round enjoyment as books. They’re a window on the world and the human condition, at their best an inspiration. That’s why I’m delighted to be asked to help promote World Book Night.”

Not only that, but we will also be showing a special screening of “Judge Minty“, the highly acclaimed indy film, coming to the end of its international festival run. Directed by Steven Sterlacchini, Judge Minty is a 26 minute short film, focusing on one of the many characters that has appeared in Dredd’s 36 law giving years.

Judge Minty close up

 Judge Minty is a NOT FOR PROFIT FAN FILM, shown with the kind permission of 2000 AD and Rebellion Judge Dredd® is a registered trademark, © Rebellion A/S®, All rights reserved. Judge Dredd is the Creation of John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra.

CAS also had a group of associate artists hosting drawing and print workshops, and showcased installation and video work. Artists involved were:
Andy Reaney
Michael Davies
Kirsty Smith
Peter Driver
Tom Mortimer