11 Dec

Filming is over

studio floor CAS 1

We’re building a new website for CAS, and one of the TVAF Trustees/ CAS Associates, Maija Leipins is doing the building. She’s also very interested in the motivations and practices of each of the other associates, so has decided to interview all of us. Questions bounce around notions of inspiration, method, and purpose as well as inquiring into any personal connections with the core CAS ingredient of Dissent.

What worked well for me today, was being able to re-address familiar topics and discussion points from new access points. It’s always a good idea to re-evaluate from time to time, and especially when doing so through a new lens. Seen as a whole, I think this piece of investigation will become a very important tool in identifying common elements in our collection of artists, and really help us to unify and come together as a group. We all know each already, but the CAS venture is new to everyone, and as usual in such things, we’re all still finding our feet a bit, waiting for roles to clarify themselves.

So, anyway, today was my turn,  and I hope Chloe (on camera) caught my best side.

03 Nov

Chapel of Dissent


Recently, I discovered that my studio was once a Victorian Chapel of Dissent. Finding this too good to be true, I am now reforming CAS into an artists Chapel of Dissent. Our collective is placing human value at the heart of our activities and exploring Dissent in all its aspects.


Primarily, I see it as a positive movement, a proactive disagreement, and a non-acceptance of what is seen, felt or experienced to be wrong. We are currently writing our own manifesto, that aims to challenge control, rigid thinking and to promote choice. Through our Dissent, we intend to grow a better sense of cultural and social well-being amongst the communities we work within.