artists statement


Uncertainty, impermanence and the active role of subjectivity are central to his work, which refers to modern physics and cognitive science.

With those dominant themes, his practice is a personal attempt to gain understanding of the world: the taxonomy of information, the creation of meanings, and the uncertainty of knowledge. His installation work has developed these ideas over the years, and currently explores control, authorship and uncertainty through collaborative practices.

These ideas have expressed themselves through the use of particle-based materials such as dyed rice-flour and quartz powder. He uses the impermanency of the unfixed dust, and it’s potential to be damaged, in order to frame the work as a process rather than a discrete object.

The use of books is also an important element in his work. As well as being multifaceted cultural devices, rich with associations of history, knowledge, identity and memory, he also uses them in a sculptural way, emphasising their phenomenological aspects.

The installations he builds grow organically, usually starting from a set of initial conditions. These conditions can be an environmental or contextual element, such as the architecture of the room. They regularly stem from a particular scientific model that he is working with at the time.

More recently, the focus has been increasingly oriented around participation and process. This shift has led to an investigation into virtual technologies and installations using interactive software environments. The aim here is to develop work that is contingent upon the variable presence of the viewer and is in a constant state of evolution.