Architecture Inside-Out


Architecture-InsideOut was a collaboration between Diablo Arts, Dada-South and the University of Brighton which aimed to develop and capture innovative forms of design practice for the built environment, led by the creativity and experiences of deaf and disabled artists. The latest project (funded by Arts Council England, South East) involved setting up a series of events which:

  • Provided the opportunity for deaf and disabled artists to collaborate in exploring ways of improving the built environment
  • Enabled deaf and disabled artists and architects to engage creatively in developing design improvements
  • Offered ‘discursive spaces’ for artists interested in architecture, and for architects, deaf and disabled artists and other associated agencies to be able to share their expertise and experiences
  • Opened up potential for future partnerships and continuing creative work around disability and architecture

Dada South invited a group of architects and disabled and Deaf artists to participate in two events being which took place over a few months – an artists’ one-day exploratory workshop offering ‘hands-on’ involvement in creatively manipulating 3-D space, light, colour, sound, objects, layout etc., hosted by InQbate at the University of Sussex; and an intensive design workshop with selected architects hosted by Tate Modern in London.

This second event – known by architects as a charette – was an opportunity to undertake a ‘design-in-a-day’ as part of a small team of 4 – 5, in competition with up to 8 other teams. The aim was to investigate what happens when design professionals and disabled creatives collaborate and explore the relationship between architecture and disability.