As part of the Salisbury International Arts Festival, people were being brought together to be part of Hampshire Welcomes the World. Inspired by London 2012, Hampshire Welcomes the World was a year-long celebration of world cultures and music, and an exploration of some of the extraordinary heritage sites in Hampshire.

The musical activities on the afternoon on Saturday 26th May finished with a participatory musical performance inside the central ring at Danebury.

During the day, alongside the music, Gateway was a public-art event that anyone could participate in. Situated at the entrance to Danebury Fort, this large structure was intended to form a processional entrance to the ancient site. Gateway was a lattice-work structure built from simple domestic items: potatoes and garden canes, and made through collaboration between the artist David Dixon and the public, and ably assisted by fellow artist Tom Mortimer. Gateway allowed people of all ages and skills to work together on an equal footing.