23 Oct

From Earth: Prototype A

logo_from earth_BW


“Working with the notions of narrative and game, a context is laid of linearity, rules, permissions and choices of engagement. The viewer/ participant/ reader should be place in a position of choice throughout.”

A symbol based on electrical earthing. Arrowed for direction. Enveloped for context.

28 Sep

found it

So, I found my password again.

I guess a simpler thing would have been to generate a new one, but that’s stubbornness for you.

Meanwhile, it’s been busy so I had best update this stuff.



08 Jan

Dissent and Dogma

Dissent is predatory. It seeks out and hunts down dogma. Initially tentative, it looks for weak links,  scavenging it’s way through the paradigm pack. But as it gets bolder, it becomes capable of bringing down even the biggest of the preconceptions, slicing through thick skin and armoured habit with a purpose that will not be denied.

Absolute values
Fixed views
Entrenched perspectives
Untested facts
Enforced decisions

It’s all prey.

11 Dec

Filming is over

studio floor CAS 1

We’re building a new website for CAS, and one of the TVAF Trustees/ CAS Associates, Maija Leipins is doing the building. She’s also very interested in the motivations and practices of each of the other associates, so has decided to interview all of us. Questions bounce around notions of inspiration, method, and purpose as well as inquiring into any personal connections with the core CAS ingredient of Dissent.

What worked well for me today, was being able to re-address familiar topics and discussion points from new access points. It’s always a good idea to re-evaluate from time to time, and especially when doing so through a new lens. Seen as a whole, I think this piece of investigation will become a very important tool in identifying common elements in our collection of artists, and really help us to unify and come together as a group. We all know each already, but the CAS venture is new to everyone, and as usual in such things, we’re all still finding our feet a bit, waiting for roles to clarify themselves.

So, anyway, today was my turn,  and I hope Chloe (on camera) caught my best side.

09 Dec

Andover Education Centre

20141209_140938We have 3 visits today.

As part of their latest Arts Award project, the AEC is bringing groups of young people to visit the studios and meet some artists. (Chloe and myself). Although a light-hearted visit , there is always something to be learnt when delivering a wide ranging talk at fast pace to a non-art audience. It forces a higher degree of communication  and understanding about your own subject. With an art audience, you can slip into conversational short-hand, people will know what you are talking about, and the ideas you are referring to.

Young people on the margins are a different kettle of fish. They have no reason to pay attention to you, and may not have any initial interest in what you are saying. The challenge, therefore, is to provide a high degree of clarity, while all the time capturing that elusive interest. Boring meandering artspeak and theoretical know-how has little place in an environment like this, but there is no reason why the content shouldn’t be involved, informative and challenging.


05 Dec

Jochen Gerz


“The internationally renowned German artist Jochen Gerz (* 1940 in Berlin) has, with his works in public space, radically altered the relationship between art and viewer. His work transcends social boundaries, and creates new constituencies since it relies on public authorship. The individual is no longer just part of the public but is rather made part of the art. Gerz’ work anticipates the aesthetics of a democracy in search of its cultural dimension.”



05 Dec


Navigating the space between management and practice is difficult. After five years of CAS, I still seem to be no further towards realising a solution. Working with the CAS Associates, however, is becoming a highly catalytic experience.  The ability of CAS to function, engage and initiate has grown. It’s been sudden, and in ways that surpass expectations.

What this means is, that I am now on the back foot and having to begin the process of renegotiation all over again. The last few years have been spent with me controlling and micromanaging every detail of CAS, with the aim of directing its growth and structure. This was a method that was very hands on and detailed.  It’s also simply not possible now, and being in a position to step back and relinquish control of new activity is at once both unnerving and exhilarating.  Such a step back is only possible if you work with people you trust, and in that respect, I am very lucky.

04 Dec

McLuhan & Prosthetics