05 Dec


Navigating the space between management and practice is difficult. After five years of CAS, I still seem to be no further towards realising a solution. Working with the CAS Associates, however, is becoming a highly catalytic experience.  The ability of CAS to function, engage and initiate has grown. It’s been sudden, and in ways that surpass expectations.

What this means is, that I am now on the back foot and having to begin the process of renegotiation all over again. The last few years have been spent with me controlling and micromanaging every detail of CAS, with the aim of directing its growth and structure. This was a method that was very hands on and detailed.  It’s also simply not possible now, and being in a position to step back and relinquish control of new activity is at once both unnerving and exhilarating.  Such a step back is only possible if you work with people you trust, and in that respect, I am very lucky.