09 Dec

Andover Education Centre

20141209_140938We have 3 visits today.

As part of their latest Arts Award project, the AEC is bringing groups of young people to visit the studios and meet some artists. (Chloe and myself). Although a light-hearted visit , there is always something to be learnt when delivering a wide ranging talk at fast pace to a non-art audience. It forces a higher degree of communication  and understanding about your own subject. With an art audience, you can slip into conversational short-hand, people will know what you are talking about, and the ideas you are referring to.

Young people on the margins are a different kettle of fish. They have no reason to pay attention to you, and may not have any initial interest in what you are saying. The challenge, therefore, is to provide a high degree of clarity, while all the time capturing that elusive interest. Boring meandering artspeak and theoretical know-how has little place in an environment like this, but there is no reason why the content shouldn’t be involved, informative and challenging.