07 Nov

Museum Residencies

Great day today. Four years ago, when I first set up CAS, one of my main objectives was to establish a good working relationship with the Iron age Museum next door to us. The intention being to create and artists residency within the museum: someone who over a prolonged period of time could delve into, not only the museums collection, but also the remaining 98% of it at the main council storage in Chilcomb House. Plans got mothballed for a few years due to the expansion of the CAS project.

Today, however, after a sit down with the regional museums manger, the Andover museum curator and several others, we now have the go-ahead to begin things. Not just one, but TWO artists residencies per year at Andover Museum. Time to get the ACE application forms out, and get writing.

06 Nov

Parking Day

Been meaning to do this for some time. This is largely a reminder to myself to get it done. I feel 2015 is going to be quite exciting one way or another.


05 Nov

Arts Award Training

20141105_161052 20141105_180312

The first of two landmark events today at CAS. Our Arts Award Hub funding allowed CAS to provide its first in-house Advisor training session.  Rose Kigwana,  the regional Arts Award Programme Manager travelled from Brighton to give six of our artists Discover and Explore training,  hugely increasing our capacity to deliver Arts Award,  and preparing the ground for Wider Reach mk2 in 2015.
20141105_180303 20141105_160940

And all organised by our own hub coordinator Deborah Skinner. A good day. 

03 Nov

Chapel of Dissent


Recently, I discovered that my studio was once a Victorian Chapel of Dissent. Finding this too good to be true, I am now reforming CAS into an artists Chapel of Dissent. Our collective is placing human value at the heart of our activities and exploring Dissent in all its aspects.


Primarily, I see it as a positive movement, a proactive disagreement, and a non-acceptance of what is seen, felt or experienced to be wrong. We are currently writing our own manifesto, that aims to challenge control, rigid thinking and to promote choice. Through our Dissent, we intend to grow a better sense of cultural and social well-being amongst the communities we work within.